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Hi I'm Robert. I love art and am currently pursuing a career in Industrial Design.

Since most people don't know what Industrial Design is or have never heard of it before, I'll go ahead and give my definition. When I tell most people about what I do, I usually get a blank stare or a confident, but completely inaccurate, understanding of what ID is. The truth is, it's a very broad field. But in my case, Industrial Design is essentially Product Design. It's about designing a better user experience through adjusting ergonomics or simplfying an interface from five buttons to two. The challenge is improving the usability of a product while keeping it visually beautiful and manufacture friendly. It's the perfect marriage between art and engineering — without the math.

I grew up in a suburb of Rochester, NY called Webster with family ties to New York City and beyond. I pull most of my inspiration from the world around me. Cultural exposures have shaped my style which is constantly evolving.

Growing up I have fallen in love with the aesthetics of vintage electronics, urban infrastructure, graffiti art, 90s culture and more contemporary designs. The tangible boxy designs of the past have met today's sleek modern feel to form my artistic style. I love creating and working through ideas to develop an end result that is original and genuine. Some inspirational artists and designers to me are: Justin Bua, Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Dieter Rams to name a short list.

Although I'm an Industrial Designer I still love to dabble in the Adobe suite from time to time, just to let my creativity loose. While I'm not doing art, I love being by the water and enjoying nature. Being outside or listening to music is always an escape for me. I'm a huge music fan and am always trying to find great things to listen to (most notably through my collection of old General Electric radios). However, if I'm not listening to music or don't make it outside, I'll usually just be playing basketball or hanging out with my dog.

I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you paying a visit.

P.S. Open my portfolio below to get a better understanding of my design process.


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